Magic Match allows you to compensate, quickly and easily, the print file, to take it to the desired color. It can therefore be reprinted with the color of the previous production or bring one line to the response of another line in an efficient and controlled way.

Magic Match does not require the creation and / or application of ICC profiles, so the original separation of the document is not lost at any time.

Magic Match creates PhotoShop (acv) curves that can be applied to the production file for compensating the dot gain of the line and take it to the dot gain of the previous production. You can also create curves in CGATS format, compatible in many RIPS of the market and curves in ColorGATE format.

Magic MatchFunctions:

  • Creation of linearisations ISO 20654: 2017 (CMYK and Multichannel).
  • Creation of linearizations G7 (CMYK and Multichannel).
  • Creation of Simulation Curves (CMYK and Multichannel).
  • Smoothing and independent Ink Limit channel to channel.
  • Update of previous RIP curves.
  • Calculation of Delta-E, Density and Distance curves.


  • Mac and PC versions.
  • Import and Export of PhotoShop curves (acv) from 1 to 8 inks.
  • Import and Export of CGATS curves (txt) from 1 to 8 inks.
  • Generation of comparison tables in Excel (csv) from 1 to 8 inks.
  • Generation of Gradation Curves for ColorGATE Productionserver (cgcx) from 1 to 8 inks.
  • Control wedges for multiple spectrophotometers on the market (X-Rite, Barbieri, RSC, etc.).
  • Simple operation by Drag & Drop.

Measuring the patches can be made from any standard measuring software such as ColorPort, i1Profiler, MeasureTool, Gateway, Productionserver, ColorAnt, Curve4, etc. To facilitate the reading process, we have created the following measuring manuals:

Appling the curves created by Magic Match will depend on the software. As an example, we have created the following application manuals for ColorGATE Productionserver:

We've created some videos about Magic Match.

Software downloads can be made through the following LINKS:


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