ColorCurve allows to modify the input and output curves of whatever ICC using PhotoShop curves (*.acv). It’s really easy to use and with great utility. It works under Mac & PC and it can edit output ICC v2 & v4 created from whatever application RIP or profiling software (up to 8 channels).



  • Embeding linearization into ICC (created for example from Curve4 or Magic Match). For example for adding G7 linearization or simulation curves.
  • Retouching manually the answer of the ICC for applying Ink Saving, removing color deviations, change contrast, and so on.
  • Renaming internally the ICC (saving it without selecting a curve).
  • Getting internal information of the ICC like actual curves, CLUT and curve resolutions, and more. This is very important for evaluating the quality of an ICC.

ColorCurve allows adding to an ICC all you can do with PhotoShop curves.


You can download the software from the following Links:

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