Color Lab is a Spot Color Optimization Software. It allows to get the separation of any Lab color through an existing ICC profile, optimize it in manual and automatic ways.

Color Lab can work with all ICC profiles (v2 & v4) in all Color Modes (RGB, CMYK & MC) in all Rendering Intents. Multi-Channel profiles are supported from 3 to 8 channels. The ICC profiles can be loaded from default or custom locations.

Color Lab can work with Color Swatches. Swatches can be loaded from default or custom locations. Swatches can be imported (CGATS), created and deleted. The list of default Swatches grows on each release and includes: ANPA, AVERY, DIC, HEXIS, HKS, ORACAL, RAL, TOYO and more.

Color Lab is a 64-bit application with PC & Mac versions.

Color Lab can be used for getting the dE between two Lab values. Lab values could come from Swatches, Measurements (X-Rite i1 Pro v2) or Manual input. Several dE formulas can be selected:

  • δE-94 (CIE 1994) Graphics
  • δE-94 (CIE 1994) Textile
  • δE-2000 (CIE 2000) (1:1:1) Graphics
  • δE-2000 (CIE 2000) (1,3:1:1) Plastics
  • δE-2000 (CIE 2000) (2:1:1) Textile
  • δE-CMC (1:1) GGAA
  • δE-CMC (1,3:1) Plastics
  • δE-CMC (2:1) Textile
  • δE-ab (CIE 1976)

Color Lab


  • Calibration
    Used for calibrating the X-Rite i1 Pro v2 unit.


  • Measure
    Used for making color measurements. Color measurements can be also taken by pressing the i1 Pro v2 instrument button.


  • PDF Report
    Used for generating Certificated PDF Reports for the printed colors. Sample PDF Reports are in pages 4 & 5 of this brochure. The dE Tolerance for considering the color as PASS or FAIL can be customized.


  • ICC White
    Used for updating the White Point of the selected ICC Profiles creating a new one. The new White Point will be the selected Lab (Target or Sample) built from an instrument measurement of the media.


  • Average
    Used for averaging several measurements. It can be used also for tracking the color stability of a print production as all measurements can be exported as Excel table (CSV).


  • Create Swatch
    Used for creating New Color Swatches. The Color Swatches are saved in standard CGATS format.


  • Find Color
    Used for finding the closest color in a Swatch from the selected Lab.


  • Atlas
    Used for creating customized PDF Color Atlas around a particular Color (Lab, RGB, CMYK, MC). All Atlas settings can be customized.


  • Optimize
    Used for calculating the optimal separation for a given Lab over an ICC. The Optimization will be made using only the selected inks.


  • Reset
    Used for resetting all manual changes over the actual separation.


  • Save
    Used for exporting the actual separation as ColorGATE Productionserver Color Replacement.


  • CGATS to ColorGATE
    Used for converting ColorLogic ColorAnt CGATS to ColorGATE Productionserver Color Replacement.


We've created some videos about Color Lab.

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