In ColorInLab we trust on process control & standardization, por lo que nos hemos convertido en la primera empresa en España en contar con un G7 Expert certificado por Idealliance, es decir, somos la primera, y de momento única empresa española capaz de certificar oficialmente un centro de impresión como G7 Master.

El estándar G7, fue creado por Don Hutcheson en el año 1996 y se está convirtiendo en el referente mundial de calibración de dispositivos. A diferencia de otros estándares como la ISO-12647, orientados a conseguir una determinada ganancia de impresión, G7 está orientado a obtener unos grises neutros, lo que lo convierte en un estándar de impresión eminentemente práctico y eficaz que se está extendiendo por el mundo entero. G7 cuenta a día de hoy con mas de 3.000 centros de impresión oficialmente certificados.

Ya hemos ayudado a conseguir la certificación G7 a varias empresas entre las que se encuentran:

Abbott Action

Bennett Packaging

Custom Packaging

ColorHub Print


 ColorInLab ha desarrollado una herramienta única en el mercado (Magic Match), capaz de crear calibraciones G7 en dispositivos multicanal, por lo que podemos ofertar de forma exclusiva el servicio de calibración G7 para el mercado de impresión multicanal.

Si quiere contar con los beneficios de llevar su centro de impresión a este estándar de impresión, no dude en contactar con nosotros.

Juan Martorell start his professional career as a trainer at the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Valencia when he was only 19 years old. In those days, he was for 5 years teacher of the Graphic Expression in Engineering Department, teaching the students Autocad. Since finishing her engineering studies, her working life has always been linked to company training. In AIDO he takes care of numerous courses to workers and companies, as well as FORCEM and private Masters. Subsequently he was the Director of Training at BeDigital, where he continued teaching in numerous trainings. He nevertheless remained in contact with the goverment, giving many courses for other Technological Institutes (such as CIT-AGM), AA.GG Guilds, Associations, and Administration.

From ColorInLab he has not stop in his training activity, but this time in a much more specific and concrete way. We no longer give "open courses" in a classroom for a multitude of students from different companies. Now we have focused on Customised Training.

Formación a Medida

What is Customised Training?

Customised Training is the training that is given for a specific company, in its facilities, with its equipment, with its files, with its employees. It is an eminently practical training that tries to solve InSitu the real problems of the company. It is a Flexible Training, because, despite agreeing on its recruitment a skeleton of issues to be dealt with, it basically is focused on concrete problems and real doubts that the students are raising throughout the course. It is a mixture between an Audit, an Advisory and a Consulting but that does not end in a written technical report, but in a real practical knowledge transmitted to the workers on how to solve their productive problems.

We have arrived to the conclusion this is the only 100% effective training since, on numerous situations, after the completion of an open course of those taught by Juan Martorell in previous stages, the comments that some students were of the style "This is very well, but now as I move all this in my company "or style" Yea, but I do not know if all this with the equipment of my company would work ... ". This does not happen in the Customised Training where, as all the staff that you want can attend and where things are seen with the company's own teams, there is no question about whether or not it can be done or achieved something. The usual comment now is:

When we will take the next training?

The only "problem" of the Customised Training is that there is no "type" list of courses that we teach, since there are not two equal trainings. Each company needs to solve different problems or simply improve or increase productivity in certain points. It means, it´s the company whot calls us and asks us if we can help it improve in certain aspects of its production process. We study the subject and prepare a Customized Course that depends on the initial approach of the company. It may also happen we are not ready to provide training on certain issues, if so, we simply tell the company that by regretting it a lot we cannot take care of the issue and that's it.

To summarize it, I will simply tell you to contact us and raise your ideas, you will be pleasantly surprised at how many things we can collaborate together.

On January 1993, Apple released ColorSync 1.0. It was the first time a manufacturer raised the possibility of using colorimetry and Lab space and mathematically linking it to the RGB and CMYK spaces. Previously, densitometry and of dot gain compensation (linearization) were used.
In February 1994, Apple launched ColorSync 2.0, but Apple was no longer alone in this project, these specifications were released jointly with Adobe, Agfa, Kodak, Sun, Sgi and Taligent.

Reunión ColorSync 1994

This photo is from the signature of the ColorSync 2.0 specifications.

In 1994 was released the first ICC Profiles creation software, ColorBlind 1.0. Juan Martorell was at this time working as Technical Director of the company Juprima S.L. Juprima S.L become official distributor for Spain and Portugal of ColorBlind products. So Juan Martorell has been marketing, installing of Color Management Systems (CMS) in an uninterrupted way since the first available product until today.

This means he is probably the most experienced professional on these topics, not only in Spain, in the whole world. During all these years, Juan Martorell has been working on institutions like AIDO and companies like BeDigital. He has continued with a work of CMS trainings in the market and providing Calibration and Characterization services of all kind of devices in photomechanics, digitization centers, photographers, designers, advertising agencies, digital printers, copy shops, printers, publishers, rotogravure printers, xerographers, flexographic printers, packaging... he has been also responsible of the training in all these companies, institutions, manufacturers, Administration, technicians and more. He has given numerous speech and conference, nationally and internationally and has published a host of articles about this topic.

Today we are not the only company in Spain that provides Calibration Services, students of Juan Martorell or students of students, or students of students of students ... they have been working and they try to be our competence. We do not care, Spain is big enough for many different calibration services companies, moreover, our agenda is limited and ColorInLab prefers to give an exceptional service directly executed by Juan Martorell than training 10 technicians and send them to our customers, so we cover as far as we can. Yes, none of the companies that have tried our services want to change the calibration provider, and this will mean something. Ask to any of our customers for our level of quality in service and for the satisfaction obtained and you will be convinced.

Whatever color problem you have, we will solve it. We have spent many years solving the real color problems of companies and we have even created our own software’s for solving some problems that couldn’t be solved with standard tools in the market.

The problems companies ask for us are:

  • I do not see on screen the color of the images I scan or photograph.
  • Each scanner / camera produces a different color from the original.
  • Each screen shows the same file with a different color.
  • Each software shows on the same screen the same file with a different color.
  • I do not see the printed color on the screen.
  • The same file printed on each machine creates a different color.
  • On the same printing machine, different colors come out if I change the support.
  • I cannot print the color my client wants.

All these problems and many others can be solved in an efficient way by the correct use of the CMS tools.

If you’re an end user, a printer, a distributor or a manufacturer, call us for speaking with us and tell us what you need. We will build the solution for your needs and we will offer it to you with our maximum quality; ...

If you are not satisfied, we give you back your money

... and yes, know that all our customers paid ...
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