Our company was created on 2006 with the firm intention of doing things well made or not doing them. Our commitment to quality and excellence is total and absolute. We do not market products or services that we do not fully trust. We can be wrong because we are human, in fact we have done it on occasion, but we have also refused, with firm orders, to make sales of products with which we were not completely satisfied. This explains why, despite being authorized distributors of different manufacturers, we do not market the full range of products of each manufacturer, but only those products with which we know that our customers will be completely satisfied.

To mention our star service (Calibration and Characterization of Devices), our quality policy has taken us to the extreme of adopting the philosophy of

Try it, if you are not satisfied we will refund your money.

This policy of guaranteeing customer satisfaction, we extend it to all ColorInLab brand products.

Our work supports us. Simply ask any of our clients for us.


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