CGATS Tweak allows to modify and adjust whatever Lab or Spectral CGATS measurement. It’s really easy to use and with great utility. It works under Mac & PC and it can edit CGATS files from 3 up to 8 channels (RGB & CMYK included) coming from whatever measuring software.



  • Adjust of White and Black Points (ISO 13655 & Relative Colorimetric)
  • X-Rite i1Pro v2 compatible.
  • Tweaking of "a" & "b" axis of Lab space (gray adjust).
  • 3D render of measurements with channels filter, primary, original vs corrected, zoom, point wise, camera position and so on (only MacOS version).

CGATS Tweak allows compensate the shortcomings of the measurements from our instrument and compensate the undesirable effects of metamerism.

You can download the software from the following Links:


 Not sure of buying the software? no problem. Download it, install it and send us the registration file (Help / Register… menu). We’ll send you a free license for testing the software during one full week.

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CGATS Tweak License